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Within is a place that resides in each of us and resonates on many levels. It’s a feeling, a memory stored in our cells and muscles, a moment in time.  Within each of us is a pure light, a place of comfort, solace – a space between thoughts. It is a place to recognize pure consciousness and explore the idea that you are not just the body nor the mind, but the one who has the body, and the mind and all the feeling, emotions and experiences that dwell within. Within is an opportunity to see a field of awareness; your real essence is pure consciousness or spirit, which are both the mind and the body.

Within is a sacred space to pause, breathe and experience a deeper state of relaxation and well-being. At WITHIN we listen, honor, and respond to the voices of our clients through the power of touch with authentic body treatments and massage therapies designed to satisfy the whole body.  Our wellness spa offers whole body experiences that flow through the many complex layers of the human body.

We are honored to welcome and serve each client in our sacred space.  It has been infused with ease and familiarity with the intention to envelop each client with personalized care. It is our hope that each client will resonate with the warmth of our culture and return over and over again to partner with on us on their journey to greater well-being. We feel there is no more important task in life than to get in –touch with your inner self.  We hold a scared space for this journey to begin.


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