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Our diverse therapies have been created to offer a variety of treatments that bring warmth, and immediate results to relax both mind and muscle. Combinations of ancient and contemporary modalities have been integrated into an eclectic series of healing rituals, massage and body therapies. Each treatment has an intention to layer touch, nature and energy allowing the mind and body to release unnecessary emotions and toxins to be replenished with essential oils, botanicals and other natural herbal remedies.

Our therapists bring a mindful purpose to evoke calm and peace into each service. Our therapists are all RMT and are recognized by all insurance companies by meeting and exceeding the regulated amount of hours. This carefully selected group of therapists with over 50 years of combined experience approach each session with a balance between the science of the body and intuitive care for each client. They take pride in the physiological and emotional shift and release that transpires with each client. 

With teachings from around the world; including but not exclusive to, Reiki, Energy Balancing and Release, Flower Essence Healing and more our therapists are able to provide an authentic body treatment that will touch mind, body, spirit and emotion.


Avenida Place 206 - 12445 Lake Fraser Drive SE, Calgary, Alberta T2J 7A4  Ph: 403.271.2237 info@withinwellnessspa.com
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