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Five Elements to reach Within…
Within every living being elements of mind, body, spirit/energy and emotion work hand in hand communicating collectively to reach peace and balance.  When we allow ourselves to be mindful of this process harmony can replace anxiety and stress.  It is our intention to represent each of these elements in all of the authentic treatments we provide.

Massages - Still the Mind (view treatments)  To still the mind, allow yourself to be present to your thoughts as the mind is never empty, it is infinite, and as an observer you can choose to fully surrender, quite the mind ‘chatter’ and let go.

Massages - Prepare The Body (view treatments)  Breathe deep into your entire body, hold and release with the intent to surrender.  The body is a receptor so release what is no longer required and drink from the light of loving touch.

Body Treaments / Wraps / Scrub (view treatments


Energy Therapy / Resonate with your Spirit (view treatments)  Know that you are energy, an essence, a life force.  Know, feel, embrace and celebrate your own creativity.  Live with purpose and experience your inherent oneness with all that is.

Organic Skin Care / Embrace your Emotions (view treatments)  Bring light into all that you feel, don’t hide from what you fear as dark for when it is brought forward into light, it can no longer burden you with negative power.  Breathe light into what hurts you most and see fear turn to hope.

Packages / Whole Body Ritual (view treatments)  Be still, feel your body, mind and emotions flow as one and embrace your light deep within.


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